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Choosing The Ideal Food for Your Pawl

The first and foremost thing to remember is don’t fall for the marketing trap. Don’t buy a particular food brand just because it comes with some kind of gimmick like “We love your puppies as much as you do” or “we care for your dogs”.

The truth is that they are here to make profit and there is no better way of selling your product than creating a bond with the customers. So never let the brand’s tagline decide your choice. You should be very careful when choosing the puppy food for your puppy.

Ask Your Vet

Every human being has a different food requirement depending upon their body system and your dog is no different. The only difference is that they cannot tell you in clear terms about their specific requirement. So, it is always best to check with your Vet before deciding on the particular food for your puppy. Vets are specifically trained to determine the nutrition requirements according to your dog’s breed, physical condition and health requirements.

Check the Nutrition Value

It is also recommended to check the nutrition value and ingredients on the back of the pack. You should ensure that the food is free from preservatives. Through your dog’s life, the preservatives might even be more harmful to them than to the human beings. These preservatives can even cause tumors or cancers. Needless to say, puppies are always at a higher risk as compared to adult dogs so you will have to be much more conscious while buying food for a puppy.

Do Not Switch the Brands

Just as you have your favorite brand of ice cream, cookies, sauces, etc. your puppy is also loyal to its own brands. So, if you feed him a particular brand, don’t suddenly change to some other brand just because it’s cheaper, has better advertising, or because “everyone is using it”. It is best to stick to the same brand. Also, an important reason not to keep changing brands is because changing brands can also take a toll to the digestive system of your puppy.

Use Only the Premium Brands

It is also recommendable you use the brands that are sold by responsible companies. However, the last word in this matter should be given by your vet. So, follow his advice and choose the brand accordingly.

You should be very careful while choosing the puppy food for your puppy. Healthy pet food will keep your puppy healthy and help it to grow into a great dog. If you need any advice on this matter come talk to us when you drop off your pawl.

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