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Doggie Overnight Boarding

  • We have access to a vet clinic 24/7

  • You can add PLAY TIME, TRAINING, TREATS and GROOMING while they are staying!

  • We invite you to tour our hotel to make sure you feel comfortable leaving them with us. You can tour anytime between 5am to 9pm. No reservation needed. Recommended 9am-4pm


$38 Per Night Per Dog

  • Includes everything (Feeding, Potty Walks, Bedding and Care)

  • Do you want your dog to play with other dogs? We can make it happen. OR

  • Do you want zero contact with other dogs? We can make it happen.

  • Where we make them feel like they never left home. We take care of them just like our own dogs.

  • We try to do as much potty walks as we can. We guarantee minimum 2x 30-minute walks a day.

  • We are here with them 24/7 watching, monitoring them. We love posting their pictures and videos on social media. If you would like private videos of your babies just text us on Instagram we can send as soon as possible.

  • We have beds for them as long as they don’t chew it :D

  • We recommend bringing blanket or/and toy. Not their valuable items, they might chew it up.

  • We have individual rooms for each dog. Brothers and sisters can stay in same room if you would like. Keep in mind you will get $5 off per night per dog if you want them to stay in same room 😊

  • We have water access at all times. We feed them up to 3 times a day with our dishes so you don’t have to bring your dishes.  

Add ons:

Kong Toy with treat with Peanut Butter Heavy chewers favorite! $5.00


Kong Toy with treat and pumpkin recommended for sensitive stomache $5.00



Blueberries strawberries bananas and carrots cooked with $5.00

coconut oil and frozen overnight. Doggies favorite!


Heavy chewers favorite! All beef chews that are slow baked $5.00

without any artificial processing

Cat Sleeping

Cat Overnight


$28 Per Night Per Cat

We have the best care & cost.

Open daily 5am - 9pm

  • 2X 15 minute play time

  • Feeding

  • Litter & Litter boxes

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Add ons:


15 MIN. BRUSH $10.00

Cat Sleeping